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I am responsible for the health of myself
and my family with good ingredients


Welcome to AGAFURA

We sincerely make products for happy
and healthy children.

About Agafura

Agafura Co., Ltd. is established 2010 as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer for baby products in Korea. Agafura Co., Ltd has launched ‘Agafura’ a new Luxury brand aimed at babies and kids in 2010, and now Agafura is leading baby products in Korea. Children are the hope of the future, so we want to create the clean, safe and high-quality products for every child. We always think about ways to make our baby products better, and we have been making comfort and safe products for children, with convenience for parents.

Parents want to give only good things to their children.
Knowing that precious heart, Agafura makes the best product.

We will make safe, easy-to-use products, and best products for children.We dream of growing up as a global leader in children growing up using Agafura products. Introduction of AGAFURA brand: 'AGAFURA' is a convenient Korean baby goods that both children and parents can use with confidence Brand Naming: AGA means child in Korean FURA is from the initials of Flying with URANUS URANUS is the god of heaven, the first ruler in Greek mythology. (English name of the planet ‘Uranus’) That is, AGAFURA It is a compound word in Korean and English which means 'children flying with the gods of heaven', 'The kids flying with GOD' (Uranus).

with good ingredients
We make delicious and good food.